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An easy guide on how to replace a steering lock and key

Estimated time: 2 hours                                         Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Step 1

Begin by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery by unscrewing it and pulling the lead off the post. The negative terminal must be removed first to avoid sparks. This also helps to avoid any damage to other electrical parts.

You will first of all need to remove the central piece from the steering wheel. Most modern vehicles have an airbag attached here. Check here to see how to remove the steering lock.

Step 2

Next you will need to remove the steering wheel. There is a nut in the centre of the wheel which you need to remove and then pull the wheel off. You will most likely need a puller to get the wheel off. Bolt the puller to the wheel and place the big bolt in the centre and turn with a wrench to free the wheel.

Step 3

Once the wheel is out you will need to get the clock spring out. Click this out and pull, but be careful to note which way it come out because it must be put back in exactly the same way it was taken out.

Step 4

Remove any electrical connections and then you will need to remove the ring at the centre. To do this you must push the centre piece back and then remove the ring. There will likely be a ring behind that and then a spring. Take these out.

Step 5

The next piece you want to remove will have three screws holding the steering lock in place, remove these and pull this piece out gently. Do this, as there are wires attached to the back of it.

This will reveal the lock column which is screwed in place. Remove the screws and pull the column gently out of the ignition barrel. Disconnect any electrical connections to the column and remove the old lock. The connection will be found underneath the dashboard further down the steering column.

Replacing a steering lock and key

Now connect the electrical connection to the new lock, place it back in the barrel and screw it in place. Reverse all the above processes to fit everything back in place, remembering not to forget anything or leave anything disconnected.

When all the parts are back in you can re-fit the steering wheel remembering to put it back in the same position you took it off. Tighten the nut in the centre of the wheel. Replace the centre piece and re-connect the battery. Job done