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Step by step guide on how to replace a window winder mechanism

Estimated time: 1-2 hours                                              Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

First of all the window winder mechanism is located behind the inside door panel, so this panel is going to need to be removed. There are 3-4 screws holding the door panel in place. Un-screw these screws and unclip the panel from the door. You may also find that there are clips that need popping open around the edges of the door panel.

Step 2

If your door has electrics in it, then you will need to disconnect the connections from the electrical parts to remove the panel. If it’s a manual mechanism you will need to remove the handle. You may have to remove speakers, a water shield or other forms of insulation to gain access to the winder mechanism. Remove these parts to gain access to this part. See this if you need to know how to fit an electric window winder mechanism.

Step 3

Before you remove the old window winder mechanism you may want to wedge the window in the fully closed position so that it doesn’t fall down when you’re working. This could break the window or cause damage to other parts, even injury while working. To wedge it in place, use either rubber or wooden wedges, gently hammering them in place, between the window and small gap between the door. You could even use a strong tape to hold it up.

Step 4

Disconnect the mechanism from the window and unscrew or unbolt the mechanism from the door frame. It may be a little fidgety to get the old part out but a little manoeuvrability will get it out eventually.

Step 5

Get the new mechanism and fit it behind the frame. Again this can be a bit fidgety, but persevere and you will get it in place. Click each part in the right place and bolt or screw them in place.

Testing the window winder mechanism connection

Before you connect the window to the mechanism you may want to test that it works.

Step 1

You need to put the panel near the door in order to connect the electrics back up, or if it’s a winder you have, then connect this back to the mechanism. Test that the mechanism is moving up and down when you press the button or move the handle.

Step 2

If this is working ok, remove the wedges or tape that is holding the window up and place the window onto the mechanism. You may need to clip this in place or connect it to the mechanism by other means. Test again with the window connected to the mechanism.

And Finally...

If all is working ok then re-connect the panel to the door. Bolt or screw it back in place and this will complete the installation.