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Changing the headlamp and the indicator on your car is a relatively easy task; hence any adult can disassemble and assemble with ease. The video will give a step by step visual; this article will guide you in more detail. Before attempting to take out the old headlamp, make sure you have a new part ready to replace. When buying your car part always include your vehicle details as you don’t want to start fitting the wrong lamp or bulb.

Periodically check to see if your headlights are working, this can be assessed by two people or even one person. If there is only you to check, follow this procedure. To attain a proper diagnosis, drive when it's quite dark or dusk to a supermarket that has huge windows. Have your car facing the window, switch on the headlights and indicators to test. To check the rear lights reverse your car and observe through your mirror. If you don’t check your lights, you find the law on your doorstep benevolently giving you a hefty fine.

There are different types of headlamps, the older-type versions are sealed, and the new models offer changeable bulbs. We will be discussing more about the newer versions; however, below is a brief summary of how to change the older models.

Step 1

To begin, switch off the lights and turn off your engine. You will need a clean cloth to keep things sanitary, a cup to place the nuts and screws in order to keep them safe, a screwdriver to help prize out certain parts and a socket. Check the socket size for your car as all cars require a different size.

Step 2

For the new version, begin by propping up your bonnet. Near to the indicator there is a small hole, push the screwdriver down to dislodge the housing. Remove the plug at the back of the lens, turn the bulb holder anti-clockwise to remove the bulb with the cloth.

Step 3

Replace like for like bulb and with the same colour and reassemble by reversing the order of how you dissembled the indicator or move on to replace the head light bulb.

Replacing the headlamp

To replace the headlamp, we need to locate the four bolts on the BMW, you will need an 8mm socket to do this.

Step 1

Pull the headlamp forward. You will notice some wires at the base of the headlamp. These are connected to a plug; and they can be detached quite easily. Some cars have pliable catches; these can be pressed down slightly with the screwdriver to dislodge the housing. On other cars, these catches can be metal clips or even caps.

Step 2

Once the headlight is dislodged it is safe to undo the plastic bulb cap at the back, turn anti-clockwise. Remove the bulb with the cloth by slightly pulling with a firm but gentle grip.

Step 3

Replace like for like bulb and reassemble by reversing the order of how you dissembled the head lamp.

Never touch your new bulbs, always use a clean cloth. If your hands are dirty or should you have oil on them, which can often be hidden to the naked eye, you will have serious issues. Not only will visibility be impaired but the bulbs will die prematurely, and you’ll have to do the whole procedure once again and sooner than you anticipated. Once you have finished reassembling, test your headlights again.

Step 4

With a sealed head lamp, remove all the visible screws and moulding around the headlight. You will notice there is a second retaining ring, remove these as well. Now you should be able to release the part easily. Assemble the same way you disassemble it.