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Have you ever had your service indicator come on and not be able to switch it off even if you have had a service? Resetting of your service indicator is practically unheard off; it is actually kept quiet from the public. This resetting business is what mechanics do not want you to know.

To be fair, the indicator is there for a very good reason, but what about when it is not convenient for you to do a full service from the manufacturer?

The importance of the service indicator

The indicator on your dashboard announces that your car is in need of a service in the next 400 miles. Basically, the car pre-warns you in ample time. Some legitimate examples of not servicing your car on time could be:

  • Your service might be two to three months shy of your MOT and you now want to bring them together.
  • Another motorist could be struggling financially when that dreaded service indicator switches on.
  • You performed your own full service just a few weeks ago.

There are some very good logical reasons for not having a full service done on time.

However, it is paramount to have a regular service as your car will suffer. It could invalidate insurance claims, and it will keep you safe or even save your life. Never think that an MOT is the same as a service, they are two different entities. The MOT is a legislation that every vehicle on the road has to adhere to. It is a test that ensures your car is roadworthy and basically not about to fall apart. A service is a choice you have to keep your car running well and can affect the replacement of parts such as the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter etc. and usually replaces fluids such as brake fluid, oil etc.

Additionally, relying on an MOT once per annum is not sufficient when it comes to keeping your car serviced.

Regularly servicing your car should save you money in the long term. The life expectancy of the vehicle will be higher, and the fuel will be more economical. Additionally, your log book should always be stamped. A car that has a full service history will give you a higher selling price.

Some motorists are able to do small mechanical changes on their car. This could be changing the air filter, checking and changing the lights and much more. Being able to do a quantity of simple changes to a car does not alter the fact that a service should still be carried out. You may want to inform your technician what you have done to avoid being over charged on a service.

Changing the service indicator

Prior to not knowing about resetting the service indicator, many motorists claimed to ignore it. In ignoring it, the car eventual begins to slow down, and it will appear that your fuel is not as economic like before. The reason behind this is that the CPU is pre-programmed to alter the engine's performance levels. These false effects literally force you into doing a service.

It appears tragic that we are all at the mercy of the service indicator. However, when you do need to change the service indicator, how do you do it?

To avoid these pre-programmed effects follow the instructions below. Bear in mind that every vehicle is unique, some settings can be slightly different and some may not respond at all. The reason behind some cars not responding is that they are new.

Newer cars are more difficult to reset than older cars. If you have found this to be true for your car, go to your mechanic and explain your situation. For a nominal fee, they should reset the service indicator.

DIY service indicator reset

1) Get in your car, close all the doors.
2) Press and hold the trip reset button on the instrument panel. Some know this to be the odometer button, and it is located near the speedometer. This will reset the trip to zero.
3) Turn the ignition on, all the lights come on but do not switch the engine on or put your foot on any pedals.
4) This step is where some cars may differ. Turn the clock setting button to the right. On some cars, the odometer needs to be held for a few seconds.
5) Turn ignition off.

Did this work for you? Please leave your comments below.

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