Wednesday 23rd October 2013
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Have you ever been made to feel that the car showroom is a man's world when buying a car? Maybe this was a good question many years ago, but with today's female saleswomen increasing, has the stereotype image now changed?

It is a daunting prospect for anybody walking into a car showroom to view cars. The truth is women face the same fears as many men when buying a car. Nonetheless, even in today's equality world women can still be more than likely to be treated as stupid.

What are women looking for when buying a car?

Even though women can be very knowledgeable about cars, statistics prove that 77% of women take a male friend to a car showroom. Women can feel they might be looked down upon thus taking a man induces moral support. Sadly, women are often taken more seriously when accompanied by a man.

Not all male salesmen are alike, but the majority still believes this area is a man's world. It seems that women are often ignored unless they are wearing greased overalls. In today's world, this is an utter shambles and a let down within the car industry. Why should women feel they have to take a male figure to a car showroom when wanting to buy a car?

When a woman is buying a car, she usually knows what she wants. Furthermore, they more often than not have the cash to spend. Therefore, women want to be treated with the same respect as the man in the car showroom.

Salesmen need to learn to connect with women by listening to them, otherwise they will move on to another dealership. The car showrooms that particularly do well with both genders offer female staff, coffee areas, spotless toilets and a high standard of showroom cleanliness. Female staff can offer comfort and a sense of ease within the car showroom.