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An unnamed male driver from Liverpool has been found out to have reached a total of 45 points on his driving licence. The man who should have been disqualified when he reached 12 points, is still driving on the British roads today. This information was revealed by the 'Freedom of Information' who made the news public. The drivers record breaking crime occurred from eight undisclosed offences including speeding from October 2012 to June 2013.

Record breaking points on licences

The Institute of Advanced Motorists had previously exposed a record breaking offence of 42 points. With limited policing, it is easy to understand why these criminals are still driving around. Offenders are still driving on the road because of court hold-ups with the police failing to divulge the driver's particulars. The process to complete an offender's case can literally take months to complete.

Under normal circumstances when a driver clocks up a record breaking twelve points within three years, he or she will usually be banned from driving. However, due to the court and police setbacks, drivers simply carrying on driving.

Furthermore, offenders can also be excused by beseeching hardship to the court. Regarding these types of matters, the court feels they are privileged to use their good judgment to ban, or not to ban. However, this system still allows lunatics to walk out the court and get straight behind the wheel again.

Throughout the country, there are huge numbers of drivers collecting record breaking points on their licences. As we already know the top score is 45, but there are many others with vast amounts of points varying from 20 and upwards.

Motoring laws should be in place to give the public greater confidence in the UK system, but still little is being done. Drivers still continue to collect record breaking points on their licence.