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A young man named Sukhdeep Singh Johal was killed while a woman was using her mobile phone while driving. The lady Marina Usaceva was found to have made phone calls and texts on two mobiles just before the fatal accident. Marina denied using her mobiles after crashing into and killing Sukhdeep Singh Johal.

Justice for using a mobile phone

Police looked through Usaceva's phone records and found that she had made one call and received three incoming calls at least six minutes prior the heartrending accident. Further investigations reveal that both cars were travelling at 70mph in a 60mph zone. Onlookers reveal that Johal had been driving significantly faster, but suddenly slowed down due to a speed camera.

At the time of the fatality Marina Usaceva was driving a Jaguar on the A47 somewhere near Wisbech. Usaceva hit Sukhdeep Singh Johal’s Peugeot 206 at 16.30pm March 2013, the impact instantly killed him.

Previously, Marina Usaceva was caught using a mobile phone twice while driving, she was banned from driving, but her licence was re-sanctioned during 2009 and 2012. Usaceva admitted to causing death by dangerous driving, this time she was sentenced to a six-year imprisonment and has been forbidden to drive for eight years.

Mr. Johal’s father believes that six years is not enough for Usaceva’s foolishness. Even though using a mobile phone while driving is against the law some people are sadly still doing this.

When Usaceva is released from prison, her licence will be returned after a total eight-year ban. After two previous convictions and killing someone many people feel very strongly that this is unjust.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions whether Usaceva should ever be permitted to drive again…

The law behind using a mobile phone

Road safety is an issue and after this tragic incident, you would think mobile phone usage while driving would stop. Think again, there are many who continue to text and talk on their mobiles while driving despite such tragic incidents.

This is clearly an example of how things can go so devastatingly wrong in seconds. Let us remind ourselves that using a mobile phone while driving or holding one when parked while the engine is running is illegal. The mobile legislation was passed during 2003; today, you only need to be seen holding one to be prosecuted.

Road safety is paramount! So if you are seen holding or using one you will be breaking the law, whether dangerously driving or not. Fines are now heavy, but that is not enough when a life is taken or ruined. Using a mobile phone causes reckless driving and can result in death and serious injury.

Hands-free mobiles have a slightly different legislation. The law states you can use hands-free if it does not affect your driving. However, if it does cause you to be dangerous and reckless, you will be fined. It is up to you to use caution when using a hands-free device while driving, in view of the fact that doing more than one thing can cause some people to be distracted.

Currently, fines are £60 with three points on a licence, and you could also be summoned to appear in court. This could be a further £1000 or much higher if you were driving a heavy good vehicle or bus. However, it doesn’t just stop there - if you are driving a company car, your boss could be liable for prosecution.

Common sense is the answer.  Switch off your phone while driving or at least only answer it once you have safely parked up.  If someone is with you let them answer the phone and take a message.  Remember it just isn't worth it for a call or text that could wait!  Your life and someone else's life is worth far more than that!!!!!