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It is not every day you hear of a brand new Audi crashing into someone’s house. At around 7 am yesterday morning an elderly lady named Marianne Heath aged 72 years old was awoken to a massive bang and in fact narrowly had an escape.

New Audi causes havoc

Marianne was in her bedroom sleeping on her bed as the previous night she had been preparing for a visit from her grandchildren, when suddenly she heard a very loud bang followed by rumbling noises that seemed to be quite close to her house. She quickly arose to her feet, went into the hall and began trying to open the lounge door, but for some reason it seemed jammed.

Instinctively, she went out the back door of her house and walked outside.

Unbelievably, Marianne saw a brand-new Audi A3 convertible smashed into her lounge. The new Audi convertible had left a huge hole in her wall, which had practically bulldozed its way into her house deeming it unliveable.

If this had happened moments later, the widow Marianne said her and the grandchildren could have easily been sitting in the lounge, which would have made the crash more catastrophic and could have been fatal. Marianne tried calling 999, but her landline phone was out of order due to the incident. A neighbour stepped in to make the emergency call.

Within seconds the police, fire engines and numerous ambulances were at the scene.

It is anticipated that the driver passed out and collapsed while driving his new car with the roof down. It is also believed that the driver in the new Audi swerved off the road, drove through Mrs. Health's garden gate, down her driveway before smashing straight into the lounge.

The driver of the new Audi was a male aged 60 years old. Emergency services had to cut the car to free him from the vehicle. The elderly gentleman was taken to Morriston Hospital in Swansea where he is making a recovery. Fortunately, the driver's injuries are said to not be life threatening.