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We are coming into an age where we will soon be seeing driverless cars out on the road. It is anticipated that driverless cars will be tested in the UK by the end of 2013. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that we will soon be able to hop into our cars and not have to touch the steering wheel.

Although it has been no secret, test runs have already been previously done on private UK roads. The Department of Transport now wants to extend their trials to rural and suburban roads as well.

Driverless cars are the future

The government's goal is to reduce traffic congestion, and it is going to cost a hefty £28 billion to make all our roads compliant.

During the trials, there are experienced drivers sat in the driver's seat to monitor the driverless car. These professionals are at hand in case problems suddenly arise, they will be able to take control of the car should there be any emergency.

Nissan has been working on the driverless cars with the Oxford University. Their driverless Nissan Leaf is now subject to trials on public roads.

Driverless cars are also known as autonomous cars, robotic cars or self-driving. In essence, they drive by sensing their environment; they are extremely clever, so gone are the days of fast car chases and speeding!

Driverless cars are fitted with numerous technologies such as laser radar system, GPS, remote sensory systems, computerized vision and much more.

Once the driverless cars are fit to drive themselves on our UK roads, they will then be available to buy. Currently, if they were ready to buy now they would cost in the region of £130,000. Quite understandably, this price tag is not in everyone's budget, as a result these cars will initially be for the rich and famous.

The major player/investor of the driverless car is Sergey Brin, who is also the co-founder of Google. Google believes driverless cars will be commercially available within the next 10 years.

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