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What come to your mind when you read the heading 'Drivers being ripped off by motorway services'? Ever felt that you have been ripped off by motorway services? Fill up your fuel tank before starting your journey instead of buying from the motorway services.

There are many ways that motorists can help lower the cost of driving, one of which is to buy used car parts online rather than forking out for new components.

Another way drivers could significantly lower costs over time is by avoiding motorway service stations.

Most motorists will already be aware that prices are higher at service stations than elsewhere, but a new study has now quantified the difference.

Motorway services

According to figures from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), everyday items cost as much as 45 per cent more at motorway services than they do on the high street.

A large Snickers bar costs 90 pence from a motorway service area compared to 68 pence from a high street branch  - 32 per cent more - while a packet of McCoys crisps was almost 45 per cent more expensive than in a shop on the high street. These are only a few of the items mentioned.

"The danger is that rip-off prices will discourage people from getting the rest they need," warned IAM chief executive Simon Best.