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Some of the luxury cars like the Porsche, Lexus, Jaguar and Volvo spare parts could be among those most sought after by drivers who need to replace damaged components on their vehicles.

According to data from insurance company, drivers of these luxury cars and other high-end vehicles are among the most likely to be involved in an accident.

Luxury Cars crash results

By analysing more than one million car insurance claims, the company found that Porsches have the highest accident rate of any vehicle in the UK at 23.6 per cent over the past five years.

The German carmaker was followed by a number of other luxury cars, including Volvo (21.4 per cent), Lexus (21.1 per cent) and Jaguar (20.4 per cent).

Other high-end luxury cars including Mercedes, BMW and Audi were also firmly in the bottom half of the table.

In comparison, the least accident prone drivers are often those with much more modest vehicles.

Daewoo topped the table with a five-year accident rate of just 7.3 per cent, followed by Fiat at ten per cent and Rover at 10.4 per cent.

The discrepancy in accident rates between the most expensive and the lowest priced vehicles could be explained by the fact that higher end vehicles tend to me more powerful and capable of far greater top speeds and acceleration.

However, what is less easy to explain is the difference in accident rates between cars of certain colours. found that drivers of grey cars, at 16.2 per cent, have a far greater chance of being involved in accident than those who drive red cars (11.3 per cent).

Discrepancies were even more marked within certain brands, with drivers of white BMWs, for example, far more likely to crash than owners of red BMWs, with accident rates of 29.5 per cent and 10.7 per cent respectively.

Drivers of grey Lexus are the most likely of all motorists to experience a crash, with an accident rate of 29.6 per cent.