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As well as buying something special for your significant other this Valentine's Day, why not also treat your vehicle to a little TLC and invest in some new car parts?

Breakdown service GEM Motoring Assist is urging motorists to take a few simple steps to help keep their cars in good condition and safe on the road as part of a new campaign launching on February 14th.

"As with your better half, you'd be devastated if your trusted vehicle let you down, so why not use Valentine's Day to show your car a little love too?" explained GEM's chief executive David Williams.

Treating your car with love and care will help it stay running for longer and ensure you and your family are kept as safe as possible when on the road.

GEM offers several quick and simple checks motorists can carry out the Valentine's Day to keep their cars in tip top condition.

These include giving it a 'spa treatment' in the form of a thorough wash, treating it to a 'gourmet meal' by topping up the engine oil and buying it some 'perfume' by adding a new air freshener.

Car owners should also check tyre pressure and fill the windscreen washer bottle as part of their regular vehicle maintenance duties.

If you want to do something a bit extra special for your car this Valentine's, or any time of the year, you could also treat it to some new parts.

You don't even need to spend a fortune to do this; you can find low-cost used car parts for sale through car part finders such as BreakerYard.

It follows the release earlier this week of a guide from CTEK aimed at helping motorists carry out basic maintenance of the car batteries, which can help vastly prolong the battery's lifespan.