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Using car parts designed to cope with winter weather, such as winter tyres and de-icing equipment, could be vital for drivers in the UK over the coming days as the country continues to be hit by freezing weather.

Today (February 9th) the Met Office has issued an 'amber' alert for the north of England - the second-highest severe weather warning that can be issued, while several regions in England, Scotland and Wales still have a 'yellow' alert in place.

Forecasters are predicting icy roads and freezing rain in the north, while other parts of the country could see significant snowfall.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents advises drivers to take a number of steps to prepare their vehicles for driving in bad weather.

This includes making sure that lights are clean and working properly, that the battery is fully charged and that tyres are in good condition.

It is also a good idea to have equipment such as de-icer, tow-rope, shovel and torch in the car.