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Driving Home For Christmas: Are You Prepared?

The old pop song really does serve up some great memories. Christmas and New Year are always likely to be popular times of year for people to be taking to the road, so that they can see family and friends they may not have been in touch with for months!

However, while Britain doesn’t always get the White Christmas it’s hoping for, there is still likely to be plenty of icy conditions plaguing some of the more frequented roads up and down the country. As winter drifts in from towards the end of November onwards, it’s really important that you and your car are prepared for what’s coming up.

Here’s a quick checklist of all the important bits and pieces you need to consider with the cold snap on the approach.

Stock Up on Antifreeze

One common problem that many people will likely face when it comes to driving in the colder seasons is keeping your engine ticking over. It’s not only a common problem to start your engine up on wintry mornings, but if you let it drop below a certain temperature, it’s going to freeze over, and therefore break down.

The quickest way to remedy this is to make sure you have plenty of antifreeze to hand. Topping up on antifreeze will help to protect your car in the coldest depths. However, you should always make sure you use the right antifreeze for your car – some might need changing out more frequently than others!


Tyre Up

It’s always a good idea to start looking at swapping out your tyres as soon as the threat of slippery roads looms into view. Your summer and autumn treads simply aren’t going to do enough to keep your car steady on the road.

In both heavy ice and a light dusting of frost, you are going to need thick, sturdy treads which are going to offer you amazing grip. This way, you can be sure that there is never a risk of you slipping and sliding around, nor that your wheels are going to suddenly spin from beneath you. Check in with a service centre to get your tyres swapped out as soon as possible.

Fix Your Lights

Fixing up your lights and making sure that your signals are working is absolutely crucial! Poorer weather is often going to mean that you lose visibility.

Therefore, always make sure that your foglights and headlights are up to scratch, and that you can cut through the darkness ahead. You should also make sure that you clean your windscreen completely – on the inside and on the outside. Now is also the time to replace your wiper blades, too!

Go For a Full Service

Of course, this really is just scratching the ice! There are all kinds of things you can do to ready yourself for driving home for Christmas. Before you dare take to the road on long journeys in the freeze, always make sure that you go for a complete service at your local centre.

Then – crank up the festive tunes and enjoy the journey – safe in the knowledge you are well prepared!