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Citroen are planning to drop the controversial EGS gearbox from its range of larger cars. This gearbox has been criticised for poor 'clunky' gear changes and this has contributed to the decision that Citroen will be removing it from the line-up.

Of the larger Citroen cars, the EGS automated manual gearbox was an option on the likes of the DS4 and DS5 premium luxury models. The EGS gearbox is fitted to the likes of the DS5 Hybrid4 and has been available as a more efficient automatic gearbox alternative.

Despite this gearbox being removed from the larger cars in the Citroen range of vehicles, it will still be available in the smaller Citroen cars where it seems to have had a lot more success.

This is what a senior member of the powertrain department at PSA Peugeot Citroen had to say about changing from the EGS gearbox to a new automatic version: “The new automatic transmission is the latest technology that we have. We are already working on how it will work with the hybrid systems, because it's safe to say the next generation of the larger cars will switch to this transmission. The EGS will stay on, but on smaller cars only.”

The new automatic gearbox has a much better performance than the previous one, which means that it can be offered as an efficient gearbox in place of the EGS.

Have you had any experience of the EGS automated manual gearbox? If so, we would love to hear about your experience. Leave your comments in our comments box below.

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