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EU Police to automatically stop a vehicle in the future.

Leaked papers reveal EU plans on a secret remote vehicle stopping. The EU police are planning to construct a stopping system device to bring cars to a complete stop. The device that is being allegedly created by the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services is hoped to be up and working by 2020. The idea behind the system is that authorities will be able to easily render offending cars inoperative.

Could the remote stopping system stop your car?

At present, police are at a loss during high speed car chases, but with the remote stopping system, offenders will not be able to take anymore crazy escapes putting other motorists and pedestrians at risk. Criminals on the run can be very dangerous for citizens and just to try and stop offenders by using the present tyre spikes is now being considered as unsafe.

This leaked secret plan by Statewatch is a six year programme that also aims to improve automatic number plate recognition and intelligence input. Statewatch is a watchdog which monitors police authorities, surveillances and public liberties within the EU.

It appears a drastic move to install a compatible device into everyone's cars, and it would be an extreme expense when the majority of drivers dislike high speed car chases with the police. It is great that authorities are after tracking down the bad guys, but this drastic move could give law enforcements the right to abuse their powers even further.

The thought of not being in control of your own car could feel daunting especially when your innocent. Furthermore, what if these devices get into the wrong hands such as a rapist or a serial killer?

There is only one way around this ludicrous new system, and the feeling that our planet is turning into a prison. Our escape would mean we need to avoid buying modern cars. How would you feel should the police use this remote stopping system on your car to track and bring you to a complete halt?