Tuesday 26th February 2013
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Car sales in Europe fell dramatically during 2012, however it’s been reported that 2013 has been looking a little brighter with some small signs of a recovery. The majority of manufacturer's car sales have declined, however there are a small few that have been real winners.

Manufacturers who were at a loss during 2012 are extremely hopeful that 2013 will bring an increase in sales. For many manufacturers across Europe, sales have already shown signs of an increase during January 2013. Even America has had a good start this year with average profits up by 14 percent.

Manufacturers who are already enjoying a good start in January 2013 are Daimler, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover.

Manufacturers who profited in car sales during 2012

The winners were Land Rover, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep, Mazda and Audi. Land Rover's profits were up by 35 percent in 2012, and they expect another good year in 2013.

Their success was simply down to the demand of their Range Rover Evoque range.

• Mazda profited 25 percent
• Jeep profited 19 percent
• Kia profited 15 percent
• Hyundai profited 9 percent
• Audi profited 4 percent

Manufacturers whose car sales have fallen during 2012

• Mitsubishi's loss was a staggering 33 percent
• Citroen and Peugeot made a whopping combined slump of 26 percent
• Ford's loss was nearly 26 percent, this figure includes January 2013
• Renault's loss was 22 percent
• Volkswagen's loss was nearly 18 percent
• Vauxhall's loss was 16 percent
• Toyota's loss was 16 percent
• Fiat's loss was 12 percent
• Honda's loss was 6 percent
• Nissan's loss was 6 percent
• Renault's loss was just over 6 percent
• General Motors loss was 5.2 percent

European percentage loss in car sales

• Germany's lost 8.6 percent in car sales
• France lost 1.5 percent
• Spain lost 9.6 percent
• Netherlands lost 31.2 percent
• Greece lost 4.5 percent
• Finland lost 28 percent