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It won't be long before we start seeing and experiencing the new digital camera setup. These new digital cameras are already in place in London. They certainly do their job generating the government alot of profit.

They aim to catch many more drivers annually; hence, the fines will be pouring into the millions of pounds.

The older version (known as Gatso's) used the old film method, which was limited by how many photos could be shot before the film needed to be changed. This mean't some drivers got away with it when the film inside the camera had run out.

These Gatso's were larger in size; consequently, if motorists were speeding, they could slow down because they were easy to spot from quite a distance away. Of course, many areas were under scrutiny when the camera's were placed behind large bushes or trees to try and prevent this.

The new versions can take unlimited amounts of pictures and can be immediately stored in a database.

The newer versions are designed not to be spotted so easily. They are smaller, taller, have no flash and you actually have to look for them, they can look like little birds sitting on a pole.

The presence of the new digital camera is set to rise nationwide, so if you’re a novice speeder, you definitely won’t get away with it now. One of the true benefits of the new digital camera is that real criminals can be caught much easier.

This new technology will be able to link one camera to another whereby your speed can be averaged, this is done by using the number plate recognition system.

Fines will be heavy if you're caught speeding, at present a penalty will cost you £60, but there are plans to change this to £90 sometime soon.

Various tests have been done in parts of the country with the new digital cameras. During one day more than 4000 drivers were caught in just one area.

Multiply that by £90 and you’ll see how the government is making a tidy profit; albeit, each camera costs nearly half a million to install.

What's your thoughts on this?