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Thinking of buying the new Mercedes B-Class but can't decide if you want to splash out on high level trim or whether to get the seven or five-spoke alloys? Well now you can see what these and other Mercedes car parts will look like on your new vehicle through the power of 'augmented reality'.

While this may sound like a side-effect of particularly powerful medication, it is in fact a way of layering digital information on top of a real life image and Mercedes has made use of the technology via new app for the iPad.

With the app, prospective B-Class customers will be able to take their iPad down to their local showroom and see what the model would look like with thousands of different personalisation choices, including several customer-specific exterior and interior colour options, different levels of trim, design specification additions and wheel options.

There is a specific section of the app explaining how the car's new multimedia onboard computer works, while another section demonstrates the B-Class's various load compartment configurations by allowing users to see how easily items such as a bike or washing machine fits into the car.

Other features include full brochure information detailing technical tables, standard and optional specification tables and the price list for the range.

There is also a useful tool to help iPad users locate their nearest Mercedes dealership.

The Mercedes B-Class range is one of the newest product lines offered by the manufacturer, having first been introduced in 2005.

Mercedes unveiled a refreshed version of the small family car at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, with the range boasting a host of new features.

The latest B-Class comes with Mercedes' Collision Prevention Assist system as standard - which automatically detects oncoming collisions and applies the car's breaks to prevent them, while CO2 output is up to 26 per cent lower than its predecessor.