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If you have ever owned a Mitsubishi Spacestar and had to buy any replacement parts then let us know what you thought of the performance of the parts and vehicle. Leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Mitsubishi Spacestar Overview

The Mitsubishi Spacestar is classed as a mini MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors. This vehicle was in production from 1998-2005 and replaced the Mitsubishi Space Runner. The Spacestar is a reliable little vehicle with plenty of storage space. They are well equipped but the ride and handling aren’t very good. The engines do not perform very well and are not the most pleasurable driving experience. Mini MPVs are very popular at the moment and there are certainly better options around at the minute, such as the Renault Scenic. Does this sound anything like your experience of the Spacestar?

Mitsubishi Spacestar History

The Mitsubishi Spacestar is based on the platform of the Mitsubishi Carisma, which also has the Volvo S40/V40 built upon it. This mini MPV was introduced in 1998 to replace the Space Runner and its appearance remained much the same through out its life time. There was a slight makeover to the Spacestar in 2002 as they tried to alter some features which led the vehicle to score pretty low in the Euro safety tests. This vehicle ended production in 2005 and there was no direct replacement.


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Fuel Economy

The Mitsubishi Spacestar was available as a 1.3, 1.6 or 1.8L petrol and a1.9L diesel engine. The most economical of these available engines was the 1.9L diesel engine which offered up to 51mpg. Which engine did you have and how did it perform economically? Remember to think about the fuel type, engine size and age of the vehicle as determining factors when considering fuel economy for the vehicle.


The Mitsubishi Spacestar had 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearboxes as options. Which gearbox did you have and how did you rate its performance? You can check out our Mitsubishi gearbox section to locate the gearbox parts you need for your Spacestar.


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