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Hey everyone, it's Facebook competition time at Breakeryard.

Each month we will have a competition where you can win a prize, this month the prize is £50.  This time we want to see the funniest pictures and videos involving a vehicle, but please no nudity or unsafe driving!  Breakeryard supports and advocates safe driving.

You can upload your pictures onto our Facebook site and the video or picture with the most likes will be judged to be the funniest. Entries must be received by 30 September and have the most Likes.

We've been inspired by some of the great videos and pictures that people have uploaded to the internet.  My personal favourite is the video we recently uploaded of a lady about to park her car and two burly builders saying 'she'll never get in that space' and she drives in front of their vehicle and reverses up some wood on their truck and straight into the space.  Beautifully done and totally blowing the myth that women can't park right out of the water!  If you haven't seen it yet check it out here.

Here are a few examples of what we found but we bet you can do a lot better!