Thursday 20th February 2014
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Fiat's previous ventures into the Indian market have thus far proved unsuccessful. Previous attempts to make an impression on the Indian market have included a joint venture with Tata Motors which never really worked and the Indian public seen Fiat as a second choice to Tata motors vehicles.

Now Fiat are really stepping up to the challenge and are going it alone by setting up individual dealerships. Indian car buyers had stated that there was a poor after sales service and the unavailability of Fiat service centres have contributed to the lack of Fiat sales over the years. Fiat look set to change this with the introduction of their own individual dealerships.

These plans were announced last year and there are several dealerships set up around the country now, which gives the Indian public more confidence in making a purchase of a Fiat vehicle.

At the recent 2014 Auto Expo show in India, Fiat showed how serious they are about cracking the Indian market by showing their proposed new models and subsidiary vehicles. Some of the new models proposed for the Indian market are: a face-lifted Fiat Linea, the new Fiat Avventura compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) and the Fiat Abarth 500.

Fiat are really looking to make an impression on this market by heading down the SUV road, as this is an extremely popular choice of vehicle in India at the moment. The new Avventura is expected to be a popular choice for Indian buyers and will compete with the likes of the Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster.

Fiat is part of a joint venture with Chrysler to bring two of Jeep's high-end SUV's into the Indian market. It is proposed that Fiat-Chrysler will bring the Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Cherokee into the market to compete in the high-end SUV sector.

Currently Fiat only has two cars in the Indian market: Fiat Punto hatchback and Linea sedan. With the new expansion plans, this will take the choice of Fiat vehicles up to 5 with the inclusion of the Avventura SUV, Viaggio and Panda. The inclusion of their own dealerships will give the Indian people some reassurance of Fiats intentions at hopefully establishing the Fiat brand in this market.