Tuesday 5th November 2013
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The new Fiat Punto used to be called the Fiat Punto Evo and prior to that it was called the Grande Punto. The model was born in 2005, so it is not a new innovation it's more of a face-lifted version of the older name.

Its rivals are the Volkswagen Polo and Ford Fiesta; however, the Punto does not provide the same class as its competitors. Other small cars to compare the Punto are the Honda Jazz, Mazda2, Honda Yaris and the Mitsubishi Mirage.

Essentially, the Fiat Punto is a classy supermini; it's an excellent choice for city driving. It has a lot of personality inside and out. The exterior will undoubtedly turn a few admiring heads.

The new Fiat Punto has been designed to create a stir, after all it is an Italian car with an Italian flare!

Fiat Punto 2013 model specifications

The Fiat Punto has a good standard package on all the Punto ranges. This automatically includes front electric windows, remote central locking, dual drive power steering, ABS, 5 airbags and more. Additionally, each Punto has their own standard package and there are optional extras.

For 2013, Fiat offers four trim levels, these are:

The Punto Pop price tag starts at £9,950 for a three-door. There are no diesel or automatic versions in the Pop range. This car includes radio, mp3-compatible CD player, height-adjustable driving seat, trip computer, window and driver knee airbags.

Fiat Punto Easy price tag starts at £10,950 for a three-door and £11,550 for a five-door. There are two diesel versions and one dualogic gearbox offered in the Easy range with higher price tags. This car offers all the above and 15" alloy wheels, AC, front fog lights, Castiglio fabric seats, leather steering wheel and gear knob.

Fiat Punto GBT price tag starts at £11,450 for a three-door and £12,050 for a five-door. There are two diesel versions offered in the GBT range with higher price tags. This car offers all the above and 16" alloy wheels, sport suspension, spoiler, body kit and dark tinted privacy glass.

Fiat Punto Sporting price tag starts at £12,335 and £12,995 for a five-door. There are no diesel or automatic versions in the Sporting range. This car offers all the above and sideskirts; 16" 7 spoke 2-tone Sportline alloy wheels, front fog lights with cornering ability, sport steering wheel, hand brake lever with grey stitching, black roof lining; tarmac finished dashboard, gloss black roof, mirrors; b-pillars, dark sporting headlamps, chrome exhaust tailpipe and blue me voice control system.

Fiat Punto 2013 pros and cons

This Punto supermini is not for everyone; however, it is one of the largest city cars on the market today. If you are looking for an economical car, then this one could be for you. The Punto CO2 emissions start from 90g/Km, and some ranges produce as low as 75 bhp.

Even though there is a small amount of diesels available, their petrol ranges should not be shied away from; even their 1.4L MultiAir petrol returns 50 mpg. Given all Fiat's ranges are economical, its insurance, road tax and servicing will also be cheap.

Over the years and particularly recently the Punto has endured many facelifts. Yet again, the Punto has had another nose job, and its rear end has changed. Its changes though are for the better, it closely resembles its original design, which was Fiat's goal.

The average rating for this car is 3/5; its design is very likeable, but its drive is less than admirable. The sportier GBT and Sporting models have firm suspensions compared to the Pop and Easy. A firmer suspension loses its comfort and road handling can be a little rocky.