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Have you ever seen the Fiat rooftop racetrack? This racetrack was famously used in the 1969 British film 'The Italian Job'. The racetrack is built on top of the Fiat factory in the Ligotto area of Turin, Italy which was opened in 1923. The track was used to test the Fiat vehicles built at the factory. The vehicles were manufactured beginning on the ground floor and being completed on the top floor, before being taken onto the roof for a test drive. On completion of the test drive the cars would be driven down a spiral ramp inside the building down into the showrooms. The factory closed in 1982 but has since been redesigned into a leisure complex which includes a shopping centre, theatre, hotel and art gallery. The redevelopment was designed by the Italian architect Revzo Piano who also designed the now famous 'Shard' building in London. Although the rooftop track is no longer in use, there is a helipad with a dome shaped blue glass meeting room for the more lavished business people which has been built on top of the roof. This re-design is a good use of the old factory while keeping the rooftop track as a tourist attraction. It is a pity that this track is no longer in use. Do you think they should allow visitors to use the track as part of the new leisure complex? Share your views in the comments box below. Watch the video below to see the famous scene from the 1960's movie 'The Italian Job' where they drive the mini cars around the Fiat roof top track:

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