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New high-tech Ford car parts added to the manufacturer's popular Fiesta have helped significantly increase the fuel economy of the latest version of the model.

The new Fiesta Edge, Zetec and Titanium ECOnetic come with an average fuel economy of 85.6mpg, while CO2 output has been lowered from 95 to 87g/km.

According to Ford, the improvements are down to a number of new technological advances that have been incorporated into the design of the new Fiesta.

These include an auto start-stop function, revised gear ratios, upgrades to the engine and improved energy efficiency of the air conditioning, cooling fan and alternator systems.

The Fiesta could be a good choice for those who both want to help the environment and cut down on motoring costs.

Five engines in the Fiesta line-up emit less than 130g/km of CO2, meaning they are exempt from vehicle excise duty in their first year following purchase.