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Why do men spend more on their cars? In fact, half of guys reckon maintaining their car is simpler than keeping their partner happy!

With cheap second hand car parts readily available from Breakeryard, it's hardly surprising that male motorists find it pretty easy to keep their vehicles in tip top condition.

Men spend more on their cars

According to fish4cars research men spend more on their cars than splashing out for their women. In a new survey by Peugeot 50 per cent of male drivers said they find it more difficult to maintain their girlfriend or wife than they do their motor.

A fifth of those questioned admitted to spending more on their car than on their other half, while one in ten spend more time with their wheels than they do with their current partner.

Of course attitudes change according to age. For example, a fifth of male motorists aged 25 to 34 would be more upset about having their car stolen than being dumped, while the biggest proportion of drivers who think their car is better looking than their partner are aged between 45 and 54.

And it's not just the guys who are having a love affair with their motors and snapping up spare car parts to keep them running smoothly.

The research shows that a fifth of women spend longer looking for a new car than a new partner, while a similar proportion would rather invest their money in their vehicle than spend in on their boyfriends.

Commenting on the findings, behaviour and relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr said: "It seems that the pleasure we derive from our cars is one that we have greatly underestimated.

"It's incredibly surprising to think such pleasure sometimes surpasses the enjoyment a car owner derives from their partner."

Meanwhile, a separate survey by has revealed that the Caterham Seven, the Porsche 928 and the Caterham Super are the top three cars statistically more likely to be driven by men than by women.

Conversely, women are more statistically likely to be seen behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Beetle Solar Cabriolet, a Fiat 500 Pop Cabriolet or a Mini One Cabriolet.