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A British company named Flash Park has invented the world's first talking parking ticket. This friendly innovation is really creating quite a stir amongst motorists and could easily set to become a replacement to the present day parking fine system.

Every day, we have to contend with our local council traffic wardens handing out tickets as well as privately employed companies. When we are issued with a ticket, it is called a Parking Charge Notice. There are many motorists who have rightfully or wrongfully been given one of these tickets at some point during their lives. These fines are known to create huge profits for our local government.

The innovative talking parking ticket

This ground-breaking idea is a ticket that has an embedded 30 second friendly audio voice. This offers motorists a warning rather than an instant fine. The parking ticket sticks to the windscreen just like the Parking Charge Notice, but the new Notice has a red button to active the voice message.

The message respectfully and gently reminds the driver that they are parking in the wrong place. It also states in a polite manner that the driver's details may be soon required from the DVLA. This means that if the driver parks there again, then a fine will be issued.

There are qualms from authorities such as the AA and RAC regarding the electronic voice. It is believed that motorists will not warm to the idea. The electronic voice system with the new Parking Notice could possibly interfere with the car's electronic system such as the ECU and all other electrical powered devices.

More than often private companies do not issue a Parking Charge Notice or fines. They are more than happy to give verbal warnings without sticking a Notice on a motorist's car. Additionally, motorists will be very hesitant to want to listen to another pre-recorded message.

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