Tuesday 22nd May 2012
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The range of Ford car engines for sale at online car parts finders could soon see a new addition following the announcement the manufacturer is to debut the new 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine.

Featuring a fuel economy of up to 58.9mpg and CO2 emissions as low as 109g/km, the ultra eco-friendly engines will be available across Ford's Focus range from February 22nd.

And according to Ford, the engine still manages to deliver a decent level of performance, despite its environmentally friendly credentials.

The manufacturer says the engine performs more akin to a 1.6-litre model, delivering up to 125PS (127Bhp) and 170Nm peak torque and between 1,400 and 4,500rpm.

Ford's Graham Hoare explained that this has been achieved by improving the "thermal efficiency" of the engine and reducing the friction between its internal moving parts "especially during warm-up".

But perhaps the most attractive aspect of the new engines is the savings that they can deliver.

While drivers' wallets will benefit from the lower fuel consumption, savings can also be made when it comes to road tax.

Those who opt for the 100PS and 125PS versions will enjoy zero tax for the first year and £20 and £30 respectively each year thereafter.

This means that those who opt for the most efficient 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine will make savings of £115 in the first year and £95 each year after that in comparison to the current 1.6-litre 105PS.

According to Mark Ovenden, Ford Britain managing director, thanks to the new engine, "gone are the days when the number of cylinders dictates performance".

He added that the new Focuses with the EcoBoost engine would still be "fun to drive".

It follows the news earlier this month that Ford is to release a new Europe-only version of its S-Max MPV range in 2014.