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A car enthusiast has reconstructed an entire Ford Mustang using nothing but print outs from his computer. The model was constructed using inkjet prints on paper, foam core and PVA glue.

Jonathan Brand a Canadian artist created many paper crafts beside the Ford Mustang. Jonathan Brand painstakingly reconstructed the various car parts of the classic vehicle and reassembled them into a complete model.

He created a 3D model on his computer then printed out the various pieces before gluing them together to create a full-scale model.

Ford Mustang hobby craft

Mr Brand cut various shapes and folded up pieces of paper to create dozens of different Ford car parts, from tyres, to piping and even an entire engine, reports

"I cut, fold and glue shapes together much like a complicated three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle," Mr Brand told the technology site.

He came up with the idea after selling his real Ford Mustang to buy an engagement ring for his fiancee.

Unbelievably, he created the model entirely from memory, without the use of any blueprints of the original vehicle whatsoever.

Mr Brand has named the finished artwork One Piece at a Time after the Johnny Cash song in which a Detroit car worker builds a Cadillac from scratch.