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By the end of this year, Ford plans to have released its all new Kuga compact SUV in the UK and in several countries across Europe, Asia and America.

And according to the manufacturer, the Ford car parts that go into making the new vehicle were designed only after careful analysis of trends and tastes from around the globe.

For example, Ford says the Kuga finds a happy medium between the popularity of larger vehicles in North America and Europeans' preference for more compact cars, while accommodating the popularity of lighter interiors in Asia and a penchant for darker shades in Europe.

Rather than come up with some horrible mish-mash of different styles, Ford says it has instead incorporated a degree of market-specific customisation.

It also says that it drew inspiration for the Kuga's trim and colour palettes from sources as diverse as climbing shoes, make-up, jewellery and furnishings.

"Great design can turn an object that you need to have, into an object you love," said Chris Bird, design director of Ford of Europe. "That is why we put so much thought and feeling into cars like Kuga."

The Kuga will also feature a host of interesting new gadgets, the most innovative of which is perhaps the hands-free automatic tailgate.

This allows the owner to open the boot by simply swiping a foot under the rear bumper - useful if, for example, they have their hands full with shopping bags or suitcases.

The Kuga also comes with Ford's SYNC system, which connects devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players to a central in-car control system, which can be operated by voice commands.

SYNC's Emergency Assistance feature also enables occupants to contact emergency services directly in the event of an accident.