Wednesday 23rd May 2012
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Ford has added to their EcoBoost range, with a new 1.0 litre engine now available.

Rather than relying on any old style Ford spare parts, the original 1.0 litre will be on the market as part of the Focus range - a smaller alternative to the bigger cars that currently use the EcoBoost technology.

The turbo-powered engine is designed to improve fuel economy and cut carbon emissions through better torque control, meaning that drivers save money on petrol whilst also paying lower road tax.

Ford powertrain engineering supervisor, Thomas Zenner, said that the 1.0 litre EcoBoost offers the best-in-class option when it comes to driveability for cars that also use the newer technology.

With diesel and petrol users both expected to benefit from the responsiveness that engines of this type offer, the new range could become increasingly popular bearing in mind rising petrol prices and the emphasis on cutting carbon emissions from driving.