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Fitting your vehicle with second hand car parts that make it more fuel efficient could be a savvy move for motorists with fuel prices in the UK set to rocket following the closure of a major oil refinery. There is an easy way to save on fuel, so if your in favour please raise your left foot haha. Read our top ways of saving fuel here.

Fear of fuel prices going up

Coryton refinery, on the Thames estuary, Essex,  has ceased deliveries after its Swiss owner Petroplus went bust. It is a great shame that up to 850 staff in the refinery were served redundancy after the news of the collapse.

The refinery some 28 miles from the centre of London is the largest independent oil refinery in the region, processing 175,000 barrels of crude a day and supplying around 600 petrol stations or 20% of the supply in London and the South East.

As such, there are fears its closure will lead to a major disruption in supply, causing the price of fuel prices and diesel to shoot up.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Brian Madderson, chairman of RMI Petrol, which represents UK forecourts, warned that diesel prices are likely to hit a record high by the end of the month, while the cost of petrol will also rise up towards peak levels as "suppliers scramble to bring in supplies from Europe".

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