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When looking for second hand car parts for your vehicle, you'll undoubtedly want to use a car parts finder that offers a good price and a convenient service.

But perhaps the most important thing when buying car parts or altering you vehicle in any other way is to trust the company you use - making sure you get an honest price and a good level of quality.

Is garage trust a decisive factor?

New research from Kwik Fit supports this notion, finding that motorists value garage trust above all else when choosing a garage to take their car for a service or repairs.

A poll of drivers revealed that 45 per cent say that the number one reason they return to a garage they have used before is that they trust it will do the job well.

This means that garage trust is even more important for motorists than either price (identified by 24 per cent as the main reason to return to a garage) or convenience (20 per cent).

And, according to the survey, when we do find a garage we can trust we reward it with often unwavering loyalty, with a whopping 78 per cent of motorists choosing to stay with one garage when they can and 30 per cent staying so committed to their garage that they say they would not change no matter how much lower a rival's price may be.

However, drivers seem to be more willing to try different garages depending on the type of work being done.

"For example, tyres seem to be the most sensitive to price changes and more motorists would be prepared to shop elsewhere for them than for any other garage service," said Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit.

In comparison, just one in 12 (eight per cent) of motorists are prepared to go to a previously untested garage for a service or MoT.