Wednesday 12th June 2013
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Have you ever wondered how to break into your car? It’s just one of those things you either want to know how to hot wire a car out of plain curiosity, or maybe you’ve locked the keys inside and it’s an emergency. Most people will lose their car keys at least once during their driving lifetime, so what do you do when faced with this annoyance?

Learning to hot wire your car should only be for the sole purpose to gain access to your vehicle in the event you become stuck somewhere, and have misplaced your keys.

Please note: Hot wiring cars that do not belong to you is an illegal offence and could end you up in prison! On the other hand, it is a skill that just might come in handy one day to help yourself, or a friend in need to get motoring again.

Cost to hot wire a modern car?

It is not impossible to hot wire a modern car, but just one mistake could actually cost you a small fortune. It’s really easier for a mobile professional technician to hot wire a car as they already have the correct tools to hand. The tools to hot wire a modern can are very expensive, they can cost over £400. Hence, if you are new at wanting to learn how to hot wire a modern car, your initial layout cost could be more than you expected.

Hot wiring modern cars is not as simple as hot wiring old cars. For example, modern cars are computerised, with one wrong move or slip of the hand this could over fortune to repair or replace. Hot wiring modern cars is probably best left to the professionals. Furthermore, it would be cheaper to call out the Lock Smith or the AA who will charge a lesser fee. You also need to take into account alarms and immobilisers to ensure the vehicle will run peacefully after.

Older cars used to be very easy to gain access and hot wire, so it was definitely worth learning. To access you would use a packing strip folded in half to feed through the side of the door then as you pulled gently on one side of the strip a hole would appear which you would then slide over the inside door lock. Once clasped tight you would simply pull the door lock up. To start the engine a wire was run from the positive post to a positive coil terminal and then with a screw driver you hit the two starter posts. Although easy to start up there were no lights, but it could be done effortlessly with no cost involved.

Nowadays however the manufacturers have made it harder and harder to break into your vehicle without causing much damage.