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We are now half way through the first month of the new year and the anticipation is strong for this years top cars 2014. For many motorists, January is an exciting month as when the latest car previews are announced for the coming year.

During 2013, there were some gripping cars on the market, some were new and some had received a facelift. If you thought 2013 was awesome then you will be even more intrigued by these leading cars for 2014.

Ushering in this years top cars

Throughout the year, we will be seeing new cars from many top manufacturers. As the economy is quickly recovering from the double-dip recession, cars and new technology will soon take on a fresh lease of life.

Porsche Macan is competing against the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. The Macan is a family car, but could be well-liked by the single community. This stunning and sporty SUV car offers the best that money can buy and will be on sale from April 2014 with a starting price tag of £43,000. Three trim versions will be available, these include the Macan S, Macan S Diesel and the Macan Turbo. These models will have Q5 similarities, but the majority of components will be brand-new.

Nissan Qashqai has been one of the best-selling cars since its first launch and its stunning presence will carry on as one of the top cars for 2014. The Qashqai has also been nominated the car of the year by WhatCar magazine. Nissan is now celebrating with their trophy in style. This second generation small crossover SUV has received a major and stunning facelift and because of its economic value has become a tempting buy. The new model is available to buy now and has a starting price tag of £17,000.

BMW i3 is constructed of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) and has been well-planned as the most sustainable electric car invented. Despite its styling and its strikingly unique look without any doubt, it is still instantaneously recognised as a BMW. The i3 is a small city family car which offers excellent economy and has a good starting price tag of £25,650. BMW calculates that their i3 will produce at least 80 per cent of their sales. This then makes the BMW i3 one of the top cars for 2014.

Mini Hatchback which is owned by BMW will be introducing its third generation with some tweaks. Its styling is virtually unchanged, but its 2014 introduction brings longer, wider and taller modifications. As a result, this fun driving car will offer more cabin space. At the outset, there will be three trim versions to choose from which are the Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper D. Its price tag will start at £15,300 and deliveries are expected to be available from March. The Mini has been a best-selling car for many years which is therefore set to be one of the top cars for 2014.

Ford EcoSport may not be one of the top cars for 2014 due to its recent four-star Euro NCAP test. However, with its competitive crossover styling, it may well be joining the latest social gathering. Stylish SUVs are the hottest cars on the market at present, and Ford has a lot to beat. The Ecosport driving capabilities are brilliant, but its cabin is nothing unique. Mysteriously, there have been no changes to the rear door that swings out and has for some motorists caused a massive inconvenience. Its price tag starts at £14,995.