Friday 2nd August 2019
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Getting To Know Your Fuel System

Your fuel system is likely to be one of the most important facets of your car.  Without it, your engine simply wouldn’t function!  It’s therefore always a good idea to get to know exactly how your fuel system works, what you can expect from it when things go awry, and how you can spot issues that you need to fix ahead of time.  Here’s our quick guide to what you’ll need to look out for.

Observe Your Acceleration

One of the first signs of a fuel system not performing as it should is poor acceleration.  If you’re really having to force your car anywhere, you may need to get things checked out.  The best way to make sure your acceleration is kept in check is to change your fuel out regularly.  Old fuel is not likely to provide the best performance.

Pay Attention to the Lights!

Yes – it can be easy just to disregard the warning lights on your dashboard, but they’re there for a reason.  Even if your car feels like it is driving properly, you should be ready to get your fuel and system checked out as a precaution.  It’s never a good idea to leave things until the last minute.

Noticing Strange Noises?

One of the most important facets of your fuel system is your fuel pump.  Unfortunately, this can also be one of the most common car fixtures that fails time after time.  You’re probably going to notice a faulty fuel pump if regular screeches or other aggravating noises become commonplace.  If you’re noticing these noises alongside faulty acceleration and/or engine cut-outs, it’s time to take care of the pump.  Take care of your fuel pump regularly by staying away from driving on low fuel levels.

Use the Best Fuel

Depending on the type of car you run, there may be certain types and brands of fuel which simply don’t mix well.  Misfiring and ignition problems could all point to the fact that you are simply using inferior quality petrol or diesel.  If this ever happens, you should probably think about draining and cleaning your fuel tank out completely.  These problems may also point to contamination, which is also something you should be taking very seriously.

Need a Clean-Out?

Believe it or not, many fuel system issues, relating to performance and otherwise, may be remedied through a good clean.  Use a good system cleaner in your fuel tank and let it work through.  More often than not, contaminants and water build-up can help to cause serious issues in your fuel system long-term.  Why spend considerable money on getting things fixed when you just need to give your system a good flush-through?

Other Common Issues

Other key indicators of fuel system problems may include power intermittency, strong smells, and noticeable economy issues.  This means your fuel simply isn’t going as far as it should, or as far as it normally does.  In any case, if your driving routine seems off, always consult an expert.