Wednesday 26th September 2012
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Do you own a BMW 318i or have you ever owned one? Did you have to replace any parts? Let us know of this experience and how the parts faired. You can leave your comments in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

BMW 318i Overview

The BMW 318i is part of the 3-series and is classed as a compact executive car. They are produced by the German automobile manufacturers BMW and have been in production since 1975 until the present day. The 3-series is the best selling range of the BMW collection. These cars are very classy, great to drive, spacious and are one of the leading cars of this class. They can be expensive to buy but you certainly get what you pay for. How did/does your BMW 318i perform?

BMW 318i History

The first generation (1975-83) was to start a new trend of interior design for BMW with the centre console being angled towards the driver, padded and rounded edges for safety.

The second generation (1982-91) saw the introduction of the convertible version in 1983 and this version was much more expensive than its predecessor.

The third generation (1990-99) was the most successful of the 3-series up to this point and had a new classier design making it very popular amongst the public. A coupe version was introduced in 1991, a convertible in 1992 and a compact in 1994.

The fourth generation (1998-2006) was only available in saloon version to go back to traditional 3-series regulations, although the other versions would soon appear over the coming years to meet popular demand.

The fifth generation (2005-12) had some major changes to the engines and gearboxes as well as many other parts. It was very stylish looking and appealed to all types of drivers.

The sixth generation (2012 - ) is the current version on the market and has many great and stylish features from the 5-series and 7-series such as night vision and adaptive cruise control.


Edition ES
SE Business Edition
Performance Edition
M Sport

Fuel Economy

The BMW 318i offers up to 47mpg depending on which model you buy. This is good for a petrol engine of this type, but there is a 318 diesel version which has even better fuel economy. How did your 318i perform in relation to fuel Economy? Have a look at the BMW engine section to find engine parts for your BMW 318i.


The BMW 318i has been available in 5 and 6 speed manual and 4 and 6 speed automatic gearboxes. Which gearbox did you have for your 318i? Have a look at our BMW gearbox section to search for your BMW 318i gearbox parts.


We have 318i parts at very cheap prices. We know that these cars are very popular and our Breakers stock parts for all types of cars. You can find the exact part you are looking for by entering your vehicle details in our part finder or visiting the BMW 318i parts page of our website.