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Meet Google's robot cars that are now safer for any capable driver. Today, regardless of our laws, experienced drivers are still taking risks out on the road. Drivers are texting and making phone calls when they shouldn't be, drinking and driving are at an all-time high and driving impulsively through red traffic lights is an ever growing problem. Furthermore, and annoyingly, there are the 10 mph drivers driving on 30 mph roads, people indicate left, but turn right and some motorists have been caught playing games on their mobiles or fiddling with knobs on the dashboard.

Could Google's robot cars be our future?

It will not be long before Google's robot cars become the norm. Scientists and engineers at the Google X plant believe Google's robot cars are the safest around and will save lives.

Google X is a secret scientific lab, but everyone knows about it. They believe they're capable of fixing the worlds tribulations by creating technological experiments.

During the process of making the world a 'so-called' better place, they become rich when we buy their advancing robotic products.

Google's robot cars are the Prius and Lexus; these cars are competent of driving you safely to your destination. They are supposed to be capable of not crashing and they can stop, look and listen. Google's robot cars can detect pedestrians, animals and anything else stood still, or moving. Should a professional driver accidentally hit a Google car, it can provide full data of the accident. Google's robot cars are not dependent upon witnesses.

Currently, tests have been performed with human drivers sat behind the wheel. Google's robot cars have dashboard displays, which show the motorist what the car is doing and why. Anyone sat in a robot car is allowed to take over the autonomous settings at any given time.

Not everyone will find Google's robot cars appealing or hands free driving exciting, but they do have their benefits.