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This year's car hire prices are soaring at an all-time high. Families wanting to go on holiday are left with no option but to turn to alternative forms of transport. A consumer watchdog alert reported to be careful with the massive mark-ups. Car hire prices are more than doubling in European countries and the United States, particularly due to school holidays.

Car hire prices on the rise

Car hire companies are abusing motorist's loyalty even in England. It is normal to pay a premium at the airport, but if you are looking for an economical service you could try private hires.

Research now suggests that people are acquiring advanced quotes from reputable companies, returning to book the following day to find out the quote has more than doubled.

During the school holidays, families have been severely ripped off with soaring holiday and car hire prices. It appears that since the clampdown of taking children out of school during school term time the car hire and holiday companies are really taking advantage. Today, if children are absent without permission parents will receive a £60 fine per child.

Does the government's penalty system work? Absolutely not, given that holidays and car hire prices are much cheaper during term time, parents are still better off paying the schools unauthorised absence fine.

As a result of all the recent mayhem a debate took place in the House of Parliament on the 24th February. This was partly to discuss the issue of families being penalised by holiday and car hiring companies. The outcome is still yet to be heard.

Whatever part of Europe you intend to visit, this year's car hire prices will double or triple during August and September. American car hire companies are more concerting as their prices are stable throughout the year. However, bear in mind every state in America is different, so car hire prices can fluctuate slightly.

There is one way to avoid these soaring car hire prices and this is to check out renting a local car with Zipcar, City Car Club or Easy Car Club. There are plenty of these companies around now, but these are the most popular. Hiring cars from a rental company such as Sixt, Hetz or Avis are expensive and can often be problematic, it is understandable why these new car clubs are finding their way onto the market.

In essence, people lend their unused cars to the general public through a company, and you get to enjoy worry free driving. Often, these companies offer free memberships, free RAC roadside assistance with recovery. Using a Club to hire a car ensures both the lender, and the borrower are protected.