Tuesday 10th September 2013
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There really aren’t that many vintage car hiring companies in the UK; however, there are enough to investigate which ones can offer the best deals. Hiring a vintage car offers a great source of luxury, appeal and a great trip down memory lane. People love looking at vintage cars, so the best way to investigate which car you are attracted to is to visit the vintage car festival events such as ones like the famous Goodwood event.

How to hire a vintage car

The best place to start investigating is Classiccarhire.com here. This company offers the largest resources to hiring classic cars worldwide. In addition to offering global assistance, they are devoted to offering a wide variety of classics that offer high performance sportster models and even exotic vintages.

Most vintage car companies do not offer an array of options. With Classiccarhire.com, you can specify marques, models, the car's age and even location. For example, should you be looking for a Mercedes Benz, first click on that marque and then select the model such as S Class. Here you will be able to choose which sedan you would prefer to hire. Each series will give you the location, company and safety ratings.

Whatever vintage car company you choose, you will notice they offer a more professional and warmer service compared to modern car hiring companies. This is partly down to this particular niche market being renowned for sheer luxury and its expensive taste.

Hiring a vintage car is usually associated with those who have lots of spare money. Prices for hiring classics are not cheap. They can begin from as little at £100 per day and rise to as much as £1000. Some vintage car companies offer discounts if you join their vintage car clubs. Discounts can be as much as 40% off.

Before signing the dotted line, check the insurance, breakdown cover, accidental damage and any provisions. Don’t forget to check out the company and the classic cars you would like to hire; never look ignorant.