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Honda are currently testing out their latest innovative 3D crash testing software which is based on DELTAGEN by 3DXcite. This type of 3D software has been used in the automotive industry for some time now, but Honda is the first automobile manufacturing company to develop it in relation to crash testing.

Using this software allows the engineers to study and manipulate their results in a much easier and more effective manner. Using the 3DXcite software not only allows them to view the collision in 3D but also to strip away components and gain a clearer picture to the extent of the damage.

The latest software was co-developed between Honda R&D Americas and 3DXcite. The DELTAGEN software was integrated into Honda's LS-DYNA CAE simulation and altered to create a highly effective 3D crash testing program.

Tom Celusnak the solutions architect at 3DXcite said this of the partnership: "This technology would not have become a reality without the vision and leadership of Honda engineers."

Eric DeHoff is the technical leader for CAE in the Crash Safety Group at Honda R&D Americas and this is what he had to say: "With this technology, we have gained the potential to improve the quality of decision making and reduce the time required for finalising a vehicle design by greatly increasing the ease of communicating and understanding the results of a crash test simulation, This tool will promote a more complete understanding of vehicle safety design amongst all engineers involved in our vehicle development process."

What do you think of the Honda 3DXcite crash testing software? Share your views with us in our comments box below.

Have a look at the video below for more information about this Honda 3DXcite crash testing software:

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