Wednesday 9th October 2013
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Motoring apps are becoming the future and believe me they are plentiful; some are free and others you may find yourself having to dip in your pocket for. These days there are apps for everything, you name it - it's available! Everyone is interested in browsing through apps during some free time in the day and motoring apps are not without exception.

Since the app and phone industry has emerged, motoring has taken on a whole new dimension. Although the law stipulates that the use of mobiles are banned while driving, bringing motoring apps into the equation can in fact work in harmony, lets read on...

Motoring apps that brings vision

We have compiled a list of the top apps to illustrate how the phone and motoring apps can work together. Bear in mind when apps have been downloaded, you may often experience that motoring apps will often have a much better mobile format than their website. Clearly, this is a positive! Ok, so here's the list:

Auto Trader - price is free. This is the nation's favourite place to browse motors. Here you can search, locate and save your favourite cars.

Parkers - price is £5.99. With this app, you can find your car's true value now that you have found your dream car through Auto Trader. Alternatively, you check how much your own car is worth.

Aston Martin Experience - price is 69p. This is an F1 style telemetry app which can be used as an accelerometer and gyroscope to determine your car's g-force.

MotorSave - price is free. This app offers motoring discounts on tyres, exhausts, MOT's, servicing, windscreen and much more. Often this company can save motorists up to 50% off RRP.

Tom Tom UK and Ireland - price is £39.99. Although this app appears expensive, it is quite the contrary compared to purchasing a Tom Tom device. Navigation gadgets can cost as much as £100 and can rise to £400 or more. This app works flawlessly.

GB Road Atlas - price is free. If you do not want to pay Tom Toms app price, then here is a great alternative. Although this app is not as comprehensive as the Tom Tom, its road map does cover the UK with some good functionalities.

Poynt - price is free. This app offers an award-winning local search that allows motorists to connect to localized venues such as fuel stations and prices, restaurants, movies and much more. This app is invaluable to all motorists.

Honest John - price is free. This app offers web motoring news all in one place. Motorists can search for car advice, watch videos, check out the reviews and its forums, find the best deals and much more.

Motorway Services - price is 69p. We have all heard of the important quote 'Tiredness kills, take a break'. With this app, motorists can find their favourite services on motorways. The app will show who operates the services, what shops and cafes or restaurant are inside the services.

NCP - price is free. This app will help you find an NCP car park. Record your location, plan your walking directions and after a long day out the NCP app will assist you in finding your car. No motorist should be without this app.

BMW Parking Assistant - price is free. This clever app provides assistance to let the driver know when their parking expires. Motorist can now enjoy a day out with peace of mind; this app will alert them when it's time to move the car.

TyreSafe - price is free. With this app, you can enter your car registration number to find out your car's tyre size and pressure in psi or bar.

JamCam Traffic Cameras - price is £1.49. This app will allow you to survey traffic cameras, data, images and road views.

Have you got any good tips for driving apps? Please publish them here online to help other motorists.