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Clean car engine with car parts

It’s a Monday morning and you’ve left the house to go to work. You walk over to your car and see the one thing you really didn’t need at the start of a new week, a patch of oil next to your tyre. Sighing, you get in the car and try the ignition. It won’t start. You try again, and again, and again. Finally, it’s started! Setting off, already worrying about what could have caused that leak, you start to hear a rattling noise from the engine. The car blusters, struggles, and stops.


For the vast majority of us, this is a situation that we can unfortunately relate to. Finding out that you have to replace a key part of your car is distressing. For most of us, we have to replace the part just so we can go about our day-to-day lives.


Once you know that there’s something you need to replace, it’s tempting to book straight in at the garage and let them sort it out for you. Wait! Take a step back and consider the costs involved and exactly what you need. There are plenty of options to consider when buying replacement van or car parts and they all have their pros and cons, including price:


Import Parts are the bargain bin of the car parts world. They’re often cheaper than OEM parts so, if the price seems too good, remember to ask about the quality. Whilst they are cheaper, import parts are often of lower quality than their OEM counterparts. Due to a higher number of companies involved in import parts selling, though, there are wider choices of selection in terms of price and quality. They are also widely available, meaning you’ll never have any problems finding the parts you need.


Branded Parts are what they say on the tin. They’re parts made by an auto manufacturer that are sold separately and work in a variety of vehicles. For example, Champion sell spark plugs that fit a variety of vehicles and are branded with their logo. Many of these companies also make OEM parts for a variety of auto manufacturers but their branding is removed in the OEM process.


OEM Parts are a bit more complicated. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which means a part that is manufactured by one company to an auto manufacturer’s specifications. With OEM parts, you don’t have to worry about assessing different brands and types, and the parts will come with a warranty which gives peace of mind. There is also a greater assurance of quality with OEM parts as they are backed up by your auto manufacturer. These are the parts that Breakeryard specialise in, and can provide significant savings on!


Once you’ve chosen what parts you need, deciding where to buy the parts can be difficult. A breaker yard can be a cheap alternative to going straight to the manufacturer or using your local garage/dealer. The prices will be often be lower than the competition and the quality will be as good or better.


At Breakeryard, we can put you in touch with breakers that can sell you OEM parts at a significant saving on the typical market price! Through our part finder, we can ensure that you are getting into contact with a breaker that has the replacement part you need for your exact vehicle model.


Purchasing spare or replacement parts through a breaker is a cheap and effective alternative that can save you money and effort whilst also providing excellent quality and service. To find out how much you could save on your replacement parts today, take a look at our part directory or enter your information into our part finder.