Friday 26th October 2012
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A concern for motorists is the build-up of oil sludge in the engine. If sludge is allowed to build up, there is a possibility of severe damage, which could result in having to buy a brand-new engine.

Oil sludge is a preventable build-up of contaminated oil that has become over oxidised which sticks to various parts inside the engine. This thick black gunk hinders cars from working at their optimum levels.

Risks involved with oil sludge

Some cars are more susceptible to oil sludge than others, particularly the older cars. Modern cars are potentially at risk as well, this is why the type of oil you use is really important. It's always good when getting your car serviced to ask which type of oil used used in the service especially with the oil change.

How is it possible to prevent or reduce oil sludge build up in an engine?

Avoid using cheaper motor oils, budget fuel, and cheap filters. They exasperate the problem, particularly with cars that are prone to oil sludge. Have you driven a car that has experienced this problem? if so, please tell us below. We recommend to use a large oil filter and regularly change the engine oil and the filter.

TIP: Use ‘Pure Synthetic Motor Oil’ to protect your engine. This holds much better qualities.

What if you own a car that is prone to oil sludge? If your manufacturers manual suggest changing the motor oil and the filters every six months, then reduce it to every three months to be sure.

Give your engine a flush; this can be done by your mechanic or by yourself using Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Sea Foam is a multi-purpose additive that can be used for petrol and diesel engines; it is easy to use and is inexpensive.

An engine flush from your mechanic can cost nearly £40.00, but Sea Foam will cost approximately £20.00. There are many other quality engine flushes; however, it is better to avoid the cheaper brands.

TIP: Engine flushes are very good to prevent oil sludge. It is best to start this procedure on a brand new car rather than an older car as it can cause many unwanted problems.