Tuesday 13th May 2014
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We assume when we buy a modern car that it is going to be virtually impossible to break into. Modern car theft is tragic and unfortunately, it is on the rise. We cannot prevent thieves from robbing our car, but we can deter them. There are some facts we have been told repeatedly, but yet everyday we see motorists forget and ignore common sense rules and as a result suffer bad consequences.

Modern car theft device securities

Maybe you thought you were more safe from car theft when you decided to buy a brand-new car. It turns out though that newer cars can be more vulnerable than ever. The latest headlines are for criminals hacking into cars using various device's no bigger than a phone. Yet, it doesn't seem possible, but is happening so how do we prevent it?

Steering wheel column locks are much more sophisticated today and are still worth investing in. Car theft is particularly made difficult using these devices as it can be difficult to access the ignition unless the device is removed. Removal can be too tiresome and time-consuming for a thief.

Since 1998, most car's are now fitted with an electronic immobilizer, but if yours does not have one, then they are a worthwhile investment.

Car tracking devices are an excellent piece of kit making it easier for you to track your vehicle via your mobile phone with an app.

Car wheel locks were commonly used for illegal parking, but today anybody can buy one. This will help prevent car theft.

Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes. They can be hidden anywhere in a car and can transmit recorded evidence to a computer. Although a good device, they are not necessarily a deterrent as they cannot be seen by hackers.

Another device is the Ignition kill switch as it is a very good deterrent to prevent the ignition from being activated.

Old fashioned ways of stopping car theft opportunists

These facts may sound old fashioned, but they are still relevant and work like a charm even today. Some everyday car theft solutions that we should always be reminded of are simply to lock our car doors, shut the windows and secure the sunroof. You're probably wondering why these are at the top of the list, or you may think these sound brainless? Reports conclude that motorists take risks everyday by just nipping to an ATM machine, convenience store or simply popping into your house and leaving these important items open.

There are many reasons why people leave their ignition on and rarely stop to think about its consequences. The most likely reason behind ignoring the risks of car theft is people thinking 'It will never happen to me!'

Some other common sense facts to prevent car theft is to park in a well lit area, or car park, but not quiet dark spots. Always leave your car in gear or in park mode and as standard everyone should use their handbrakes when parking.

One piece of excellent advice I remember from learning to drive 30 years ago was to always turn your wheels into the curb when parking. If an opportunist wants to tow your car, then it's virtually impossible when the wheels are turned into the curb. Furthermore, this prevents your car from rolling, especially if you park facing downhill.

Another preventative method is to secure all belongings. Leaving shopping bags, purses, laptops, etc. in full view of any passer-by could provoke car theft. The only person that loses out is you so boot-up all your personal possessions.

If your car is particularly vulnerable, then consider parking it in a garage or in front of a lesser vulnerable car. This is especially important when your car is left overnight in a driveway. Most driveways are a dead-end, so when an older car is parked behind a modern car, it becomes less of a target.