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The new Hyundai Xcent was unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo in February. This vehicle is built on the same platform as the Hyundai Grand i10 and is basically the saloon version of this vehicle.

The Grand i10 has been a very popular vehicle on the Indian market and the Xcent is expected to make a big impact on the subcompact class (which is supermini in the UK).

The Xcent was officially launched on March 12th as a replacement for the second generation Hyundai Accent. It will be available in three trim levels: Base, S and SX.

Like the i10, the Xcent will have the same engines available: the 1.1L diesel and 1.2L petrol engines. The 1.1L diesel is the most fuel efficient of these two engines, offering around 24.4kmpl and has 72PS. The 1.2L petrol is slightly more powerful at 83PS but with lower fuel economy of 19.1kmpl. These engines are available with either the 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearboxes.

Both the Xcent and Grand i10 are identical up to the rear doors but the Xcent is different from the C-Pillar back. This means that the Xcent has a 407 litre boot space and contributes to this vehicle being one of the most spacious in the subcompact class. It is also very spacious in the front and rear passenger areas for a car of this type. Another feature which is different is that the Xcent has 15inch wheels compared with the 14inch on the Grand i10.

It is also very reasonably priced and is a value for money vehicle. Do you like the design of this car? Let us know in our comments box below.

Have a look at the video below of the Xcent at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo:

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