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A viral suicidal car advert created by Hyundai Motors has caused tremendous outrage among the public. The viral video advert explicitly portrays a man trying to commit suicide using an exhaust in a garage. The idea behind the video was to show how advanced Hyundai’s technology had become. Cleaner emissions and equipment obviously make it harder to kill one's self.

Apologies to the public for suicide car advert

Hyundai have apologised for the thoughtless and insensitive car advert. Notable complaints come from Holly Brockwell whereby her own dad committed suicide by using the car emission's method in a garage. Thousands of other people have also come forward who have experienced the same loss with a family member or friend.

Holly Brockwell stated that she could have thought about more interesting and creative ways to make a car advert rather than relating the ad to suicide. The car advert made Holly and other people feel that they had lost their loved one all over again.

It maybe said that Hyundai didn’t really think about the implications the car advert would have; they did not consider the millions of people that have become victims of a related tragic suicide incident. Hyundai's recent statement read, 'Hyundai Motors deeply and earnestly apologises for the distasteful and repulsive viral car advert'.

Hyundai agrees that this car advert was counter productive, was offensive and runs against all their values.

The car advert was posted on You Tube by Innocean Worldwide Europe. The video advert was posted for one day, with the intention to obtain consumer feedback.

Without a doubt, Innocean created feedback and a massive stir, and it was not a response that they had anticipated. Albeit a negative backlash, Innocean did initially believe they were creating a car advert by employing an overstatement to exaggerate a manufacturers advantages.

Innocean believes they did not want to create intentional distress. They apologise for the grief it has caused many people and their families.