Tuesday 5th November 2013
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Heathrow airport has been futuristic with the driverless pod cars since 2011. They literally shuffle travellers from one terminal to another. Due to their success, these driverless pod cars are now taking to our roads. The government plans to introduce these futuristic pods to our congested cities by 2015. It is hoped that the pods will reduce congestion.

Driverless pod cars are taking to our city roads

Rumours suggest that Milton Keynes is one of the first places to have driverless pod cars deployed. The trial is expected to cost in the region of £65 million. People will be able to flag a pod within seconds, and the fares will cost about £2.00.

Customers will be able to pay with their smartphone using an app. It is hoped that the initial costs will raise £1 million within the first twelve months. This will help with all running costs and future developments to expand.

Initially, the pod cars will not be driverless; they will be mounted with a joystick or a steering wheel. Eventually, the steering apparatus will be replaced with a driverless system. Their speed will be 12 mph and will be fitted with sensors and 360 degrees cameras. These will ensure they do not collide with any pedestrians, other vehicles and objects.

These driverless pod cars are not aimed to replace taxis. However, without a doubt, their success could prove otherwise. They will be able to take passengers to and from train and bus stations, shopping centres and nearby offices.

Britain will be ahead of other countries and will undoubtedly put Britain on the map for cutting down congestion. Given that these driverless pod cars are electric, they will definitely reduce pollution and improve road safety.

As yet, insurance issues have not been sorted, but there are talks as to whether passengers are responsible or other authorities.