Saturday 30th November 2013
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The idea behind the isize child seat is to provide ultimate protection for your children. These particular seats came into effect July 2013 and they are Euro NCAP compliant when fitted into an isize approved car.

At present, the isize child seats are not compulsory, but at some point a date will be introduced for all parent or guardian drivers to comply when buying a new child seat.

The isize child seats debut

Our current child seats are not illegal to use until further notice, which is expected to be 2018, approximately. Amazingly, there will be no need to rush out to buy a new seat or a brand-new car, our present seats will run alongside the new isize child seats.

The older car seats ECE R444/04 offer lesser protection than the isize. The newer seats are purpose built for new isize cars and although, in its early stages, they will eventually offer superior safety for our newborns and toddlers.

If you are wondering what an isize car is, they are approved cars for the isize child seats. Gone are the days of sitting in the back of a car with zero belts, or your mother holding your hand. Today, it's all about tighter restrictions and rightly so; our present government is all for safety and cutting back fatal accidents.

The principle behind the isize child seats is that the child stays rearward facing until they are at least 15 months old. Statistics prove that young children cannot withstand a fatal accident when front-facing.

The new seat will be based on the child's height, not weight. Therefore, if a child is taller than expected when they are fifteen months old, he/she will move to the next size seat. This principle makes it so much easier for parents.

To make it even easier for parents, the isize child seats will fit to ISOFix points in the car. There will be improved protection for the child's head, neck area and other crucial organs.