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This curvaceous Jaguar XK car was supposed to have been inspired by Kate Winslet shapeliness, the curves on the car say it all. This XK car is definitely curvilinear but will slim lines and sleek tones. What's more and without a doubt, a car of this grandeur and beauty will always bring massive amounts of attention? Kate Winslett has unquestionably influenced the interior and exterior design of this eye-catching car. The Jaguar XK has definitely been made with a unique attention-grabbing design, the maker didn’t want another Aston Martin, Lamborghini or Masterati, etc. on the road.

The Jaguar XK features

The interior of the Jaguar XK offers the highest of quality cabin and upholstery, ambient atmospheric lighting, multi functioning steering, black glossy finish, navigation system, a very modern and great sounding audio system, six-disc CD changer. The inspiration of the interior came from the Jaguar XJ. The seating design is compact and relatively small; hence, this car would suit a very petite family, a business person or young persons. When the XK is in motion, drivers and passenger will sense a very relaxed and comfortable feel with literally no shudder or pull, a cup of coffee should not even spill over.

Externally is where you really see its beauty, this XK will lure you with its lightweight sheet metal body, new-shape and new grille. Additionally, and as standard the XK comprises of 20-inch alloys and drives with a 3L turbo diesel V6 engine. Out put is 380bhp with a driving range of 0-60mpg in 5.5 seconds; in addition to offering a combined average of 30mpg. Emissions are not as low as electric cars or hybrids.

There are three versions offered, the XK and the supercharged XK-R and XK-RS with diverse variations. The price tag varies from £58,500 to £74,000 depending upon which model you buy and any additional optional extras.